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Unwanted hair is a common cosmetic problem. Traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, puckling and waxing are temporary, while electrolysis has shown its limitations in terms of side effects by way of pain or potential scarring. Clinically proven LHE (Light & Heat Energy) technology delivers lasting hair removal with unsurpassed safety and effectiveness. Using a unique combination of light and heat energies, LHE painless laser hair removal significantly inhibits future hair growth and treatments are safe and effective. Radiancy’s pulsed light and heat energy (LHE) patented technology delivers enhanced Heat Energy together with Optimal Pulse Train (OPT) technology for faster, safer & more effective treatments with better results.


LHE Hair Befor and After

To achieve successful hair reduction results using LHE technology, multiple treatments are performed at intervals of 1 month up to 3 months, depending on hair re-growth. Usually 4 to 10 treatments may be required for satisfactory hair reduction. Clinical studies has demonstrated that Radiancy’s hair removal system provides the same long term hair removal results as existing laser and IPL hair removal systems, while maintaining a safety margin which is superior to existing traditional technologies.

Kona Laser Hair Removal

There is no down time, treatment is comfortable, and there is no need to cool the skin with cooling gels or systems which cuts time, and inconvenient mess. LHE systems are particularly suited to treat more sensitive skin and even have a special application for dark skin types (V and VI). LHE hair removal treatment most commonly is used on the face, underarms, arms, legs, bikini line, chest and the back. As it combines the two energies (light and thermal energy, rather than just light), it has a significant advantage over the other technologies when it comes to removing blonde, fine and light hair.